Our Team

Prashant Kurkarni

Founder, Walnut Innovations Pvt. Ltd. under his leadership company has achieved success in Technology services. He is also co-founder of Chatar Patar foods Pvt. Ltd. He is instrumental in strategic planning and known for fair leadership skills. With a strong focus on today’s business requirement, he is emphasizing on latest technologies to bring innovations.

Dhansingh Rajput

Sr. SEO Expert
He has vast experience in SEO and currently focusing on latest technologies to provide top-quality SEO services. He is talented and professional SEO expert and knows how to use digital technology to enhance business.

Shankar Mukati

Sr. Software Developer
Expert in website design and development, he is consistently working to develop websites and e-commerce platform. He is enthusiastic and adroit web developer and is responsible for organization’s mission to execute technology strategy. He has worked on various projects and has ability to build dynamic website as needs of marketplace.

Anil Lohar

Content writer
Content writer, effectively and efficiently develop top-quality articles, blogs, press release, etc. His quality work will enhance your business.

Sanjay Jaware

SEO Expert
He is SEO executive and wide experience in SMO, digital marketing, on & off page optimization, Google analytics, etc. At present he is working on different projects on online marketing and SEO. His innovative thinking and critical analysis of digital technology will definitely help your business.

Sheetal Suman

Graphic Designer
Expert Graphic Desiging, He is a Fantastic Graphic Designer. He Create visual Concepts, using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inspier, inform, or captivate consumers. He Develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as for advetisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. He is adroit Graphic Desiger and he is responsible for organization's missons. He has ability to making an Idea viewable.

Ravi Kumar

Website Developer
He is Jr. Web developer, works actively and has handled projects on latest technologies. His role is to assist team members in website design and development.

Tarun Pratap Singh Parmar

Website Developer
He is Jr. Web developer, has been instrumental in developing effective web portals and applications. He can design and develop any website on WordPress, PHP, CMS, e-commerce, etc.

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